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what is full form of BODMAS

I'm looking for what is the full form of BODMAS

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Mohammad Qandeel

BODMAS is an acronym (abbreviation) to remember the order of mathematical operations.

what is full form of BODMAS

The full form of BODMAS parts "brackets, orders, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction"

B: Bracket

O: Of

D: Division

M: Multiplication

A: Addition

S: Subtraction


An example would be 8 + 2 * 5. You might look at this equation and come to the answer of 50. However, excel would return an answer of 18. This difference is that because of the BODMAS model excel will run the equation this way 2 * 5 + 8. Where there is a * (multiplication) or a / (division) coming after a + (plus) or - (minus) Excel will always use the BODMAS model and reverse this equation.

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