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How to download Money.js library

How to download Money.js library

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Mohammad Qandeel

JavaScript is an open-source & most popular client-side scripting language supported by all browsers. You need to learn about JS data types, built-in methods, and variables. and how to use if, else if, else, switch, and ternary syntax to control the flow of a program in JavaScript.

Through this link, you can go directly to Money.js official website http://josscrowcroft.github.com/money.js.

You can get to know them in more detail through the following description "money.js is a tiny (1kb) javascript currency conversion library, for web & nodeJS".

You can also browse the owner's account on GitHub through josscrowcroft https://github.com/josscrowcroft.

The following link will take you to their page on GitHub https://github.com/josscrowcroft/money.js.

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