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WordPress Plugin Development | How To WordPress Development Tutorial

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#wordpress #wordpressplugin #wordpressPluginBeginner #wordpressDevelopment A WordPress Plugin Development step by step guide. In this video, I take you step by step in creating your first simple WordPress plugin. Having the ability to create your own plugins, give you the control to enhance your website and maximize it's capabilities. It is also a good way to improve your productivity by creating block of code or text that can quickly be used over and over. In this tutorial I show you how to build a simple plugin that utilizes the short code feature of WordPress. In my opinion, the WordPress short code feature or function is one of the most powerful tools you have as a website owner or developer. Please leave me any questions or comments below and we look forward to helping you maximize your website's ability. Creators connect with me at: https://collab.tube/joshuaherbison Send Business Correspondence to: Idea Pro LLC or Joshua Herbison 2901 E Greenway Rd. #54171 Phoenix, AZ 85032 Visit the WordPress codex http://ideapro.com/url/wordpress-codex for more functions that can be used in your plugin. Best portable hard drive for extra storage : http://ideapro.com/url/lacie-4tb Audio Recording : http://ideapro.com/url/zoom-h1 Bendable Tripod for quick shots and placing almost anywhere : http://ideapro.com/url/joby-tripod For our Drone shots : http://ideapro.com/url/gopro-karma Excellent Table Top Tripod : http://ideapro.com/url/manfrotto-mini Great light-weight Tripod : http://ideapro.com/url/manfrotto-tripod Lens used in this video : http://ideapro.com/url/canon-50mm The Camera used in this video : http://ideapro.com/url/canon-t6i