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22: Phong Shading Math Concepts | Swift Game Engine

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Before I jump into the phong shading implementation, we need to first get fundamental understanding of more technical math surrounding lighting. In this video I cover vectors normals, dot products, vector subtraction, normalizing, and summation. Swift Game Engine Tutorial With Metal Playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcA-VAybgIQ&list=PLEXt1-oJUa4BVgjZt9tK2MhV_DW7PVDsg Become A Patron: https://www.patreon.com/2etime I really do appreciate everyone in this community! Thank you all! Source Code: https://github.com/twohyjr/Metal-Game-Engine-Tutorial Keynote Presentation: https://github.com/twohyjr/Metal-Game-Engine-Tutorial/blob/master/Helpful%20Files/KeyNote/PhongMathConcepts.key Awesome Lighting Explanations: http://buildnewgames.com/lighting/ https://learnopengl.com/Lighting/Light-casters Metal Specification Documentation: https://developer.apple.com/metal/Metal-Shading-Language-Specification.pdf Discord: Join me on Discord for discussions about Metal. I am always open to talk code :) https://discord.gg/hKPBTbC Sweet Standing Desks: http://bit.ly/2XxH13m