Swift 3D Game Tutorial

21: Lighting Architecture | Swift Game Engine

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In this episode we will be getting started with lighting. We need the ability to add / manage all of the lighting in each one of our scenes, which means we need to build some lighting infrastructure before we jump into heavy lighting maths. Swift Game Engine Tutorial With Metal Playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcA-VAybgIQ&list=PLEXt1-oJUa4BVgjZt9tK2MhV_DW7PVDsg Become A Patron: https://www.patreon.com/2etime I really do appreciate everyone in this community! Thank you all! Episode Source Code (Final Code): https://github.com/twohyjr/Metal-Game-Engine-Tutorial/tree/master/Episode%20Project%20Files/Episode21.0_LightingArchitecture Sphere.obj File: https://github.com/twohyjr/Metal-Game-Engine-Tutorial/tree/master/Helpful%20Files/Episode%20Files/21_LightingArchitecture Awesome Lighting Explanations: http://buildnewgames.com/lighting/ Metal Specification Documentation: https://developer.apple.com/metal/Metal-Shading-Language-Specification.pdf Discord: Join me on Discord for discussions about Metal. I am always open to talk code :) https://discord.gg/hKPBTbC