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Ruby Programming - 1 - Install Ruby and Editor

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Ruby programming tutorial. Learn Ruby Programming ★☆★ DOWNLOAD KOMODO ► ★☆★ Free Treehouse Trial: Komodo is one of the best Editors/IDE's for Ruby programming. If you already have an editor, I recommend trying out Komodo. I've tried all the others and I still came back to Komodo. ★☆★ DOWNLOAD RUBY ► ★☆★ SIGNUP TO GET MY RUBY BOOK FOR FREE ★☆★ ★☆★ FOLLOW ME BELOW ★☆★ Ruby on Rails Bootcamp I'm at ► Twitter ► YouTube ► Facebook ► SoundCloud ► ★☆★ TIME STAMPS ★☆★ How much do programmers make? 0:01 Downloading and Installing Ruby 2:51 Downloading Komodo 3:34 Print and Puts 4:07 Variables 10:22 Closing Summary 12:44 Next Ruby Tutorial: You will learn about: The Print command The Puts command Variable: Holds a specific value or object Integer: A whole number Booleans: True and false statements. Float: A number with a decimal. ex. 4.5624 String: Anything within quotations. "