JAVA Tutorials for Beginners with examples

Introduction to Java Programming language (Overview) - Tutorial 1

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This video contains the basic knowledge about java. This Video will breif you about Evoultion of programming languages & classification of Programming languages. Programming languages can be Classified under three categories Machine language Assembly language High Level Language Machine languages are those which we cannot understand and cannot write. in order to understand a machine language you need to be a machine Assembly languages are those which you can easily read and write . they are devloped to be user friendly High level languages are develop to perform faster execution of programs . in high level language we can execute a thousand line code using a sing statement. Java is basically a technology which provides us 4 things A Programming language A Development environment A Deployment Environment & A Application Environment As a programming language it gives you the freedom to make any type of application that you want to create. As a development environment it provides you a large suite of tools which helps you in creating applications more easily and faster As a deployment environment it allows you to deploy any application on any platform As an application environment it gives a runtime environment which gives you freedom of executing a program on any platform