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NSLayoutConstraint-3.Autolayout between 2 custom views

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This video shows you how to autolayout between 2 custom views: layout distance between 2 views, layout dimensions of 2 views.There are some steps: 1. Add layout constraint to the first uilabel with top to top of view.Value is 40px.Add layout constraint to first uilabel with left to left of view.Value is 40px. 2. Add layout constraint to the first uilabel's width = 100px, height = 50px. 3. Add second uilabel has width and height which the same as the first uilabel. 4. Add layout constraint of the second uilabel which has the centerY with the first uilabel 5. Add layout constraint label2's left to label1's right. Distance is 20px. SUBSCRIBE TO CHANNEL: Twitter: Facebook: