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Keep it Simple, State: Architecture for Flutter Apps (DartConf 2018)

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Keep it Simple, State: Architecture for Flutter Apps Let's go on a journey! In this video, we'll start with a basic Counter Widget, building up to a complex app with shared state across multiple screens. Along the way, we'll explore common patterns for managing application state and discover the building blocks provided by Dart and Flutter for this purpose. Then, we will learn how to put these blocks together to form a reactive application that’s easy to test and reason about. As a reward for our journey, we will be granted the powers of time travel, allowing us to move back and forth throughout the States of our application! This talk is perfect for folks who have used Flutter a bit and are interested figuring out the best ways to structure their applications. About Brian: Brian Egan is a Montana boy living in Berlin, Germany. He previously worked on popular web and Android applications for SoundCloud and Zappos. He now spends his time writing open source Dart code, developing his business, and scuba diving as often as possible. He is the author of and contributor to several Dart libraries, including RxDart, redux, flutter_redux, and flutter_architecture_samples. He’s currently exploring several different architectural patterns with Flutter, and hopes you will join him for the ride! Watch the rest of the Dart Conference 2018 session videos here: https://goo.gl/4bwhE5 Subscribe to the Google Developers channel: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L