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Abbey Road Studios (Flutter Developer Story)

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Abbey Road knew of a problem they were looking to solve. Too often, an idea for a new track or song lyrics appear in your head in the most inopportune times. But how do these artists capture these moments? Great music ideas can happen anytime, that’s why Abbey Road created Topline. An app that lets you record your musical ideas and lyrics on-the go. With everything on the Cloud, you now have the ability to record when you want, wherever you want. You can share files easily, sing over imported tracks, add lyrics, tags and pictures, find previous work super-fast, and always have space for new ideas by synching songs to your favourite cloud. #MyFlutterStory - Stories From Developers Using Flutter → https://bit.ly/2BP5Pur Watch the talks from Flutter Live → https://bit.ly/Flutter-Talks Subscribe to the Google Developers channel! → https://bit.ly/Google-Developers