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Flutter's Search Support (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 10)

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Andrew and Matt add search functionality to the Hacker News reader app in this episode of The Boring Show. They demonstrate how you can use the Material package to wire search into the UI - the result is one call to launch the API and a single class to return the widgets that present the UI for searching. Please leave us your feedback in the comments, and let us know what you would like us to build next! You can reach out in the comments below or on Twitter using #BoringShow. Link to previous episode → http://bit.ly/2CSQn1a Watch more episodes of the boring show here → http://bit.ly/BoringShow Get started with Flutter → https://flutter.io Try a Flutter codelab → https://goo.gl/d3fHPo Join the conversation → https://goo.gl/68oUnb Subscribe to the Google Developers channel → http://goo.gl/mQyv5L