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Origin of Flutter, Dart 2.0, E-Commerce with Flutter, & More (#AskFlutter at Flutter Live)

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In this #AskFlutter section, Andrew Brogdon and Wm Leler answer a bunch of questions - they also speak with Hillel Coren, Eric Seidel, Filip Hracek, and Simon Lightfoot. Some of their discussion covers the origin of Flutter, Dart 2.0, e-commerce with Flutter, embedding native UI into Flutter apps, and CI/CD options for Flutter apps. "It's All Widgets!" website → https://bit.ly/2rAmUCi Flutter sample app “Shrine” on GitHub → https://bit.ly/2GaX7La Flutter PlatformView docs → https://bit.ly/2QpaTP7 CI/CD solution → https://codemagic.io/ GitHub Flutter projects tab → https://bit.ly/2UxcDUN Scoped_model → https://bit.ly/2EbtiaO Learn more about Flutter and get started at https://flutter.io/ All talks from Flutter Live will be available in this playlist → https://bit.ly/Flutter-Talks Subscribe to the Google Developers channel for more content like this! → https://bit.ly/Google-Developers