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How Stateful Widgets Are Used Best - Flutter Widgets 101 Ep. 2

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In Episode 2 of Flutter Widgets 101, Andrew Brogdon explains the difference between stateful and stateless widgets, how state objects work, and more. If you didn’t see the first episode, click here to watch → http://bit.ly/FlutterWidgets101-1 Get started with Flutter → http://bit.ly/2qu9EP2 Try a Flutter codelab → http://bit.ly/Flutter-Codelab Guide to creating a StatefulWidget → http://bit.ly/2Rz9em3 StatefulWidget API Docs. → http://bit.ly/2zELLJ1 Watch other episodes in the series → http://bit.ly/FlutterWidgets101 Stay tuned and subscribe for latest releases → http://bit.ly/googledevs