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Profile Portrait Vector | Illustrate Yourself based on photo | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

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Hello everyone, lets learn how to create vector art. In this Episode we will be creating out Minimal Hippy Portrait vector in Adobe illustrator. Illustration From a Picture to Vector. You can use your own photos to Create this design. We have used blue shades and a red gradient color. We will be creating only half of the face and we will mirror the other half, using reflect tool. Each shapes are traced out from the referenced portrait image. So the objective of this tutorial is to show how you can create a portrait vector, using very few tools. So check out the video to Follow the step by step Process. So Stay tuned and don't forget to hit LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE the Channel WATCH more graphic design videos: SUBSCRIBE for more Inspiring videos: ▲Gumroad Store! Professional Logo Design Pack!: ▲PLD Vol-1!: ▲PLD Vol-2!: ▲Design Tutorial Packages! Want to see our latest work? (Logo designs, Illustrations, etc.) follow us on!: ▲Facebook!: ▲Twitter!: ▲Instagram!: For any design inquiries please contact us via email: © Creatnprocess 2019