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10 Life Saving Adobe Premiere Pro CC Editing Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts Tutorial

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Get the latest version of Premiere Pro CC here: In this video tutorial, I will share my top 10 life saving Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 editing tips, tricks and shortcuts! 1. Copy Pasting Clips - Alternate Shortcut 2. Pasting on the right track - Selecting Tracks 3. Pasting Effects and Properties over multiple audio clips at once 4. Using Adjustment Layers 5. Creating Blank Color Mattes 6. Nesting Clips into Nested Sequences 7. Creating New Titles from Current Titles 8. 2x Playback Using L K and Space Bar Key Boards 9. Up and Down Arrow Keys to navigate ends / starts / cuts of clips 10. Using V and C to switch between razor and move tools. --------------------------------------------------------------- Instagram: Twitter: Website: Download the latest version of Adobe CC: