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Razor Tool and Ripple Delete - Adobe Premiere Pro CC Class 8 - Urdu / Hindi

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▶ Check out my gear on Kit: Hey Everyone! Here's Class 8 of Adobe Premiere Pro CC Classes. In this class you will learn how to use Razor Tool to cut / split your video or audio on timeline and a faster way to split by a shortcut which is Ctrl+K and Ctrl+Shift+K to cut all tracks at one time. Also you will learn about Ripple Delete command. Download videos from this link: Follow me on Twitter: My name is Imran Ali Dina, and I am a seasoned Graphic Design Trainer having experience of 17+ years. I've started this training for anyone who wants to learn Graphic Designing for FREE in a professional way. Photoshop for Beginners Series Playlist: Here's the complete playlist of Adobe Illustrator Training so far, I suggest, if you are new to Adobe Illustrator you should watch whole playlist from the beginning: Please subscribe to get updates on upcoming videos. Here you will learn Adobe Illustrator Complete Course in Urdu / Hindi. Connect with me on Facebook: