Top 3 course to learn NodeJS

If you are experienced in JavaScript and want to learn more about server applications, NodeJS is the perfect solution for you. It is open source as it allows you to execute JavaScript on the server 

Top 3 course to learn NodeJS

Welcome, today we will provide you with courses to learn NodeJS. Since it is one of the languages that has become a great demand these days in the field of building backend services (APIs) and real-time applications, it is really a great language


1. NodeJS - The Complete Guide (incl. MVC, REST APIs, GraphQL)

This course is a comprehensive course within 36 instruction hours and 57 articles. It starts with your step by step from scratch with NodeJS.
Then move on to learn the model view controller(MVC) architecture using the express framework.
Then you move smoothly to learn SQL databases.
Also, provide an explanation about the REST API 

2. Learn Nodejs by building 12 projects

If you are a person who prefers learning through project work
This course is good for you. By working on projects, you will gain the necessary knowledge and experience.
Projects you will learn to build:

  • Simple Web Server
  • Basic Express Website
  • User Login System
  • Node Blog System
  • Bookstore
  • ChatIO
  • FindaDoc Directory
  • Portfolio App
  • eLearning System
  • RecipeBook


3. The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)

This course takes you from scratch to build your first project and then to issue and publish the project.

It only requires a basic knowledge of JavaScript as well as a computer.

This course will teach you the right way to develop projects by working on developing:

  • Notes App
  • Weather App
  • Task App
  • Chat APP

In the end, I hope you have found the course that suits you to start your own business or to get a new job or perhaps to increase your knowledge


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